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Jordan Henderson defends Liverpool owners after ESL debacle

Liverpool owners were heavily criticised for signing up to the European Super League earlier this month but captain Jordan Henderson has now sent out a message to the fans requesting their support.

The Reds were one of the six Premier League clubs to join the European Super League but they had to reverse their decision following massive backlash from the fanbase and the media.

The supporters have been calling for John Henry to sell the club and move on because of his mismanagement but Henderson believes that the owners have been good for Liverpool.

The midfielder sent out the message on the club’s official website urging the fans to maintain the close bond that has been critical to Liverpool’s success over the past few seasons.

His statement read: “It is good that Liverpool withdrew and the concept has collapsed. That’s good for football. It’s also good that our owners, via John Henry, have apologised unreservedly. 

“People can disagree with me saying this, but my opinion is that our owners have been good for Liverpool. If you have a problem with me saying that, fair enough and I respect that. But my opinion is built on my own first-hand experiences, from the enormously privileged position of being a player and captain of this football club.

“What matters now, for the team and the club, is that our relationship with our supporters is strengthened on the other side of this. We must make sure we protect the close bond that’s been so critical in bringing the success we’ve enjoyed over the past few seasons. The bond between fans and players.

“We have missed our supporters so much since March 2020. I hope I was never a person who took that support for granted, but now more than ever I appreciate that without fans this game at a professional level means nothing.

“If there is a positive to come from this situation it is that the power of supporters has been recognised in all its glory. Stopping the proposal was your victory – you showed you cannot and must not be ignored. 

“Trust me when I tell you that message has been received loud and clear at our club and there is an acknowledgement we have to work as hard as we ever have done to earn your trust again. “

There were claims that the Liverpool fan groups could remove the banners from the Kop as a sign of protest against the decision to join the European Super League for the game against Newcastle United. However, manager Jurgen Klopp also sent out a public message to the fans explaining to them that the players were not responsible for the decision and that the fans should continue to support them regardless of how they feel about the Super League situation.

FSG have been criticised time and again for their poor decisions over the years but they have issued an apology regarding the ESL debacle. It will be interesting to see if they can mend the bond with the club’s fans over the next few months now.

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