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Jordan Henderson sends out a message to the fans ahead of the season finale against Crystal Palace

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has sent out a message to the fans ahead of their return to Anfield this weekend.

The Reds are set to welcome 10,000 supporters back to Anfield for the match against Crystal Palace and it is the first time the fans will be allowed into the stadium since December.

It is a vital match for Liverpool as far as the top four race is concerned and the return of the fans will certainly boost their chances.

The players have been performing without the backing of the fans for months now and the return of the Anfield crowd will certainly give more confidence and belief to the squad.

Henderson has revealed that it has been a difficult season for Liverpool and the absence of the fans has certainly contributed to that.

The Liverpool skipper refused to use it as an excuse but he maintained that the fans are crucial to the performance of the players and they could make a big contribution on the final day of the season.

 He said to the club’s website: “Good afternoon and welcome back to Anfield. It’s impossible to overstate how incredible it feels to be able to say those seven simple words. The return of our fans, even in reduced numbers, is something that every single Liverpool player and staff member has pined for during your absence.

“To say that we have missed you doesn’t even come close to doing this situation justice.

“There are many reasons for the success that we have enjoyed in recent seasons and chief among them is the connection that has been forged between players and supporters. Creating that bond has been crucial, so being without it was a big blow.

“I’m not using this as an excuse for those occasions when we have fallen below our own standards – that is on us, as a team – but as a fact it is backed up by a wealth of evidence.

“Everyone points to the ability of the Anfield crowd to inspire the Liverpool team and rightly so. Again, the proof of this has been in the pudding for decades. But what sometimes gets overlooked is our crowd’s knack of giving us a kick up the backside when we need it.

“Every team has moments when it struggles and when that happens you sometimes need a reminder of what is acceptable at a club like this. There is no-one better to deliver that kind of message than supporters who have seen it all.

“I’m hoping there’s no need for that today, of course. We will be playing for a top-four finish, a target that seemed unlikely just a few weeks ago but which has become possible thanks to a brilliant run of form from the lads which has allowed us to go into the last round of fixtures with qualification for the Champions League within our grasp.”

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