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Should Liverpool cash in on Luis Diaz amid Barcelona interest?

Liverpool attacker Luis Diaz has been strongly linked with a move away from the club for the past few months, with several reports in Spain sounding out interest from Barcelona.

His father, Luis Diaz Sr, did not help matters by claiming that the Colombian wide man is a Barcelona fan and “it would be his dream to go there.”

Diaz’s underwhelming season has also made him expendable for the Reds. He has managed only eight goals and two assists in 35 league appearances, missing 12 big chances.

His output is poor for a club used to the metronomic numbers of Sadio Mane. The Senegalese forward finished his final season at Liverpool with 16 goals and two assists in the league.

Diaz’s conversion rate in the Premier League is a worrying nine per cent. With the club struggling in front of goal over the past two months, his finishing has increasingly come under the microscope. 

Liverpool now sit at a crossroads this summer. Do they sell Diaz and sign a replacement with potentially better output, or stick with the former FC Porto man?

Despite a challenging season at Liverpool, Diaz possesses qualities that make him a valuable asset to the team. 

Diaz boasts an impressive 4.1 progressive carries per 90 minutes, showing his ability to dribble the ball forward and break through opposition lines. He is an electric winger that can cut through defenders.

This skill is a weapon, helping to propel Liverpool into dangerous attacking positions. His relentless dribbling creates opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Also, with 7.1 touches in the box per game, Diaz is always willing to get into threatening areas. 

His finishing may need refinement, but these numbers suggest he is getting into the right position, and his conversion rate will likely improve.

Furthermore, finding a suitable replacement for Diaz will be a financial challenge. Top-quality left-wingers are a rare commodity, and any player who can replicate this skillset will likely command a hefty transfer fee.  

A potential replacement could cost almost twice as much, especially in the current inflated market.

There needs to be some context around Diaz’s underwhelming first full season. The emotional strain of his father’s kidnapping and injury setbacks from last season must have affected his numbers. 

With a full pre-season to recover and adapt to the Premier League, we can expect to see major improvement from him next season.

Diaz’s season fell short of expectations in output, but his underlying numbers and talent suggest a bright future at Liverpool. 

His ball-carrying ability and willingness to get into the box are valuable assets. He can become a key contributor to the team’s success with time to adjust and overcome past challenges. 

Selling him now would be shortsighted, considering he is firmly on the path to becoming an important player in the long run.

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